Monday, November 12, 2012

An Epicenter of Prophecy 2,500 years in the Making!

In 2006, Joel Rosenberg set the political and prophetic world on edge with his book, Epicenter, and several novels which followed.  They deal with the prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39 which is also Mentioned in Revelation 16, about a future war, AFTER ISRAEL HAS BEEN REBORN AND REGATHERED IN CANAAN, in which a Massive Army from the North comes against Israel along with Persia (Modern Day Iran), Syria, Libya and Ethiopia (Probably Somalia). 

2,500 years ago, the Prophet Ezekiel told how God would set his face against the Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal.  The Hebrew Word translated Chief is "Rosh," which was later translated in Latin as Ruscia or Russia.  Meschech, according to most Bible Scholars is referring to the Moschians, who settled the Caucasus Mountains near the modern day country of Georgia in Russia.  It is pretty clear that the Army the Prophet is describing is the Russian Army.  According to the Scripture, God will put hooks in the jaws of this Army to bring it down upon the Mountains of Israel where God will judge and destroy it.

According to verse, 5 Persia, Ethiopia and Libya will be with them.  We can all see how the madman, Ahmedinijad, would love to join in and destroy Israel. But until the last couple years, it was harder to see the others.  Libya, in Hebrew, is Put; and Ethiopia is Cush.  They were two ancient tribes that settled Northern Africa after Noah's Flood.

Interestingly enough, Northern Africa, Libya in particular, is on fire with the Muslim Crescent flying high above it.  Persia/Iran is on the brink of developing nuclear weapons, and fired at one of our drones recently.  Syria is in turmoil with the govt. on the brink of toppling; and as we have seen, these power vacuums created by the toppling of dictatorships in the Middle East, usually are filled by a radicals who have a greater disdain for America, Israel and Christianity in general.  And just  over the weekend, Israel fired a warning shot into Syria after being fired upon herself, according to an article on Fox News' Website.

As the songwriter put it, "Signs of the times are everywhere!" And they are! Jesus said the generation that saw Israel reborn (the Fig Tree Budding is a symbol of Israel in the book of Judges) would not pass until all would be fulfilled regarding Israel, His Kingdom and Return, according to Mark 13:28-31. FRIENDS THIS OCCURRED MAY 14, 1948! A generation in God's Word was usually 40 - 70 years! FRIENDS WE ARE THERE!!! His return must be very near! 

Every day, we see the Epicenter sending tremors throughout the world! Russia is allying herself with Iran, Libya, Syria and the Muslim Word! Israel is trying to hang in and stand her ground! Sadly, she can no longer look to America for protection.  We could very well be hearing the rumors that are going to lead to this End Times War! 

The longer I live, the less this world has to offer.  I join with the Revelator in saying, "Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus! We are seeing an "Epicenter" of Prophecy coming about 2,500 years in the making! While man schemes and plans, votes and complains, and ultimately thinks that life is going on as usual, GOD'S PROPHETIC PLAN IS COMING ABOUT!!! He knows the end from the beginning and has each time and dispensation planned out to bring Him glory! Jesus will return! I BELIEVE IT WILL BE SOON! ARE YOU READY TO MEET HIM? If not, pray and trust Him as your Savior, and surrender to Him as Lord today! GOD BLESS AND MARANATHA!!!

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